30 March, 2010

Teach Us to Pray...

Over at incarnatus est, Pastor Alms has posted a marvelous excerpt from Augustine on baptism:


This is a the heart of the quote:

But, since we are destined to live
in this world where no one lives without sin, on that account
the remission of sin depends, not solely on the washing in
holy baptism, but also on the Lord's daily prayer which you
will receive after eight days. In that prayer you will find,
as it were, your daily baptism, so that you may give thanks
to God who has given His Church this gift which we
acknowledge in the Creed.

Augustine's emphasis on finding our baptism in our daily praying of the Lord's prayer reminds us of the precious gifts our students receive when we encourage them to pray and live faithfully in God's word and the church's traditions. In these efforts, Lutheran schools pursue a noble purpose.

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