03 April, 2010

Happy Birthday, George Herbert!

Although the topic may drift a bit from the official purpose of this blog, I would like to commemorate today (3 April) because it is the birthday of the British priest and poet George Herbert (b. 1593). He was intimately acquainted with the cross and suffering, as well as the relief and hope the resurrection provides. Here is a poem for Holy Saturday:

"The Dawning" by George Herbert

Awake sad heart, whom sorrow ever drowns;
Take up thine eyes, which feed on earth;
Unfold thy forehead gather'd into frowns:
Thy Saviour comes, and with him mirth:
Awake, awake:
And with a thankfull heart his comforts take.
But thou dost still lament, and pine, and crie;
And feel his death, but not his victorie.

Arise sad heart; if thou doe not withstand,
Christs resurrection thine may be:
Do not by hanging down break from the hand,
Which as it riseth, raiseth thee:
Arise, arise;
And with his buriall-linen drie thine eyes:
Christ left his grave-clothes, that we might, when grief
Draws tears, or bloud, not want a handkerchief.

We eagerly await the joy tomorrow brings: A blessed Easter to all!

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