14 June, 2010

From the Fish's Mouth

Amongst a spate of recent articles extolling the virtues of a traditional humanistic education (more on which in coming days) comes this, from the [Stanley] Fish's mouth, really a review cum reflections on three recent books on traditional, aka classical, aka humanistic education. To whet the appetite I give you this:
Begin with “a well conceived, coherent, sequential curriculum,” and then “adjust other parts of the education system to support the goals of learning.” This will produce a “foundation of knowledge and skills that grows stronger each year.” Forget about the latest fad and quick-fix, and buckle down to the time-honored, traditional “study and practice of the liberal arts and sciences: history, literature, geography, the sciences, civics, mathematics, the arts and foreign languages.”
Need one say more?
For the rest of the article, click here.

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