01 June, 2010

Orthodox Lutherans in Academia

A Registry of Lutheran Faculty to help Lutheran students attending college at secular or non-synodical conference schools is underway at orthluthia. This is a website that will help you or your friends and relatives or parishioners get in touch with confessionally-minded faculty at colleges and universities across the States and Canada and may even help advise you on where to attend college.
If you are a faculty member at a school not owned and run by the LCMS, WELS, ELS, or CLC but are a consciously confessional Lutheran, see as part of your vocation as a Christian on campus aiding students to remain steadfast in their faith and confession, and wish to be contacted by such students, please write to jonbruss@yahoo.com with your full name, institution, department, email address, parish affiliation, and synodical affiliation.
Here's what orthluthia says about itself:

Most college students raised in Missouri Synod, Wisconsin Synod, and Evangelical Lutheran Synod households do not, for whatever reason, attend synodical colleges. This website is for them and their families, because their continued connection with the Evangelical Lutheran Church is of utmost importance. In the presence of the Means of Grace—the Word and the Word in the Sacraments—faith in Christ is created, fed, and nourished. Apart from the Means of Grace, this faith withers and dies. It’s quite that simple.

Ironically, in the face of the increasingly confusing and pluralistic spiritual marketplace of academia, the Lutheran chapel network across North America is, with some certain bright exceptions, being cut, curtailed, or undercut. Simultaneously, many Lutheran chapels have traded in their birthright to vigorous and unapologetic Lutheranism in doctrine and practice for a pottage of a vague and light pan-Christianity that fails to embrace the Lutheran distinctives.

Orth[odox] Luth[erans] i[n] a[cademia], orthluthia, is designed to put students from orthodox Lutheran homes into contact with orthodox Lutheran faculty. Those listed here have volunteered their names and contact information because they want to help students maintain their confession in the face of indifference on the one hand and animosity on the other. If you are student or family member or pastor of a student, please use this site! It’s meant to be used, not looked at.

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