09 August, 2012

cui bono?

The AAUP just a few weeks ago issued a statement in defense of the humanities. To which, you might think, we at Ren Mus would gladly tip our hats. After all, in the face declining humanities enrollments disproportionately taught by adjunct faculty, a statement from a force as large and well-known as the AAUP should be welcome.

Mark Bauerlein doesn't think so. I encourage you to read all of his Brainstorm blog entry, "The Adverserial Humanities." Generally, his answer is that the humanities suffer--and the AAUP's defense of the humanities suffers--from the fact that the answer to cui bono is deficient. The humanities, understood by Bauerlein and Ren Mus, serve society and don't detract from it. The AAUP's defense seems to suggest that the humanities should be preserved to harbor the very advocates of destroying the society that makes humanistic education possible.

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